Temple B’nai Jeshurun Chapel Dedication March 16, 2019 – Thank you!








Thank you to our Donors and Contributors!

  • John and Cyril Mandelbaum
  • Norman Mandelbaum and Marilyn Parsons
  • Thomas and Barbara Carlstrom for the custom-built ark and reading table.
  • Jody Kolmen for her donation toward hiring an interior designer.
  • Temple Israel in Burlington, Iowa for the donation of the two Torah scrolls and the Shabbat Menorahs.
  • Linda Cohen for leading the design of the Chapel.
  • Caroline Levine and Lois Fingerman for consulting on the design.
  • Chuck Fuller – Professional Design Consultant
  • Charles Stanton and Jake Heilman – Painting


Thank you to the Temple Leadership and Staff!

Alan Adato – Temple President

Temple Board of Trustees

David Kaufman – Rabbi

David Muenchrath – Executive Director

Wendy Beckerman – B’nai Mitzvah Coordinator

Erin Plank – Office Manager