Open to View the Rosh Hashanah Morning Service!

Guide for Rosh Hashanah Morning
Welcome to our 2020 – 5781 Rosh Hashanah Morning Service.

We are happy to provide this viewing guide for your use as you watch our service. It will inform you of page numbers and the names of participants.
Our Service uses the Mishkan Tefilah Prayerbook for Rosh Hashanah.
Copies of the prayerbook may be obtained from Temple B’nai Jeshurun or purchased online. An online version may be found here:
The TBJ Rosh Hashanah Morning 2020 Service can be watched on YouTube or Vimeo anytime!
p. 110 Mah Tovu
p. 141 Reader’s Kaddish
p. 142 Barchu
P. 148
p. 150-151 Shema
P. 152-153 V’ahavtah Chant –Wendy Beckerman
p. 163 “The voice that redeems” -Samantha Love Kemp
p. 164 Mi Khamokha
P. 165 “They went forth” -Sally Frank
p. 166 Adonai Sephatai
p. 168 Avot v’Imahot
P. 168 Zochreinu
P. 170 Atah Gibor
P. 172-173 Silent Meditation on Unetaneh Tokef
p. 174, 176 Unetaneh Tokef
p. 178 B’Rosh Hashanah
p. 180 U’teshuvah
An Alternate Unetaneh Tokef by Rabbi Joseph Meszler
p. 184-185 N’kadeish
p. 194, 196
P. 208-209
P. 211 “To Our Sages” -Gwenn Copple
p. 214 Priestly Benediction
Mi Shebeirach p 245
p. 223 Avinu Malkeinu
p. 230 Torah blessings
p. 240 Text of Genesis 22
Reader 1: Katie Sinkewjz
Reader 2: Steve Newman
D’var Torah
p. 232-233 Birkat HaGomeil -Ross Daniels and Amy Ward
Abbreviated Shofar Service
Introduction by Rabbi Kaufman
Shofar – Emily Kruse
p. 270 Prayer for the Congregation -Judy and Larry Deutch
Congregational President’s Speech – Bill Grund
p. 271 Prayer for the Teachers of Torah -Avi Kaufman
p. 272 Prayer for Our Country -David and Denise Swartz
p. 287 Great Aleinu
p. 289 “May the Time” and V’ne’emar
p. 290 “If Some Messenger” then bottom of p. 291
p. 292 Mourners Kaddish
p. 292 Oseh Shalom
p. 294 New Year’s Blessing
p. 299 Ein Kheloheinu
Shofar- Tekiah Gedolah- Emily Kruse
P. 301 L’shanah Tovah!!!
Yahrzeit Observances for the week of September 13 through September 19, 2020
 24 Elul, 5780 through 1 Tishrei, 5781
May Their Memory Always Be For A Blessing
Aaron Blair
Ernie Brody
Donald J. Brown
Sheryle Cohen
Jean Cook
Sophia Frankel
Harry R. Frankle
Martin Greller
Fred Katzmann
Anne Kessel
Rose Seidler Lesser
Robert Livenstein
Kive Noun
Beulah Pierce
Dorothy Pomerantz
Margaret Pomerantz
Maury Rapaport
Thomas Robinson
Sylvia Rosenthal
Helen Brown Ross
Helen Pomerantz Sandler
Alan Scherer
Alan Lee Seidler
Ronni Sherman
Jack Silverstein
Florence Silverstein Strauss
Lee Taran
Larry Toraason
Cecile Landsman Tosky
**** Sanford Naiditch ( Father of Ira Naiditch )
**** Alice Bishop ( Mother of Gary Bishop )
**** Jackie Strom Sinykin ( Cousin of Gloria Leventhal )
Mi Shebeirach
By Debbie Friedman
Mi she-bei-rach a-vo-tei-nu
M’kor ha-bra-cha l’i-mo-tei-nu
May the source of strength
Who blessed the ones before us
Help us find the courage
To make our lives a blessing
And let us say, Amen
Mi she-bei-rach i-mo-tei-nu
M’kor ha-bra-cha l’a-vo-tei-nu
Bless those in need of healing
With r’fu’a sh’lei-ma
The renewal of body
The renewal of spirit
And let us say, Amen
Thank you to all of our service participants and musicians :
Laura Sparks, Cantorial Soloist
Sam Miller, Guitar
Chuck Kuba, Bass
Francine Griffith, Piano
Bruce Brown, Singer
Tara Star, Singer
Maggie Schmitt, Singer