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We are dedicated to providing a spiritual setting for our Jewish population
of all ages and in all stage of their lives.

Temple B’nai Jeshurun faces changing demographics – both an increase in the number of young families entering our congregation as well as an increasing bumber of senior-members who are remaining actively engaged for longer periods of time.  Both of these are positive factors but require us to look at out programming and facilities to determine how best to support this changing membership.

It has been more than twenty-five years since the Temple’s physical structure has been restored and our building does not meet 21st century standards for safety, accessibility and security.

Temple B’nai Jeshurun is a historical, beautiful and meaningful place – is is our spiritual home.  It must be preserved and renovated to allow u more efficiently and effectively sustain and grow our Temple activities and operations.  We want our Temple to be equipped to be a worship center and community resource for persons of all ages and stages for many, many generations to come.

In 2011 a group of twenty-one members served on an exploratory committee to determine that future needs of the Temple that related to (1) enhancing the worship experience, (2) improving the professional work environment, (3) expanding opportunities for events, and (4) making our faciities safe, secure, user-friendly and accessible.

The group confirmed that Temple B’nai Jeshurun is one of the most important institutions of our Jewish life – the place where we:

  • worship
  • educate ourselves, our children and grandchildren
  • extend community support to one another
  • celebrate life-cycle events’Come together for cultural, spiritual and social functions

In order for the Temple to continue to support these functions it is imperative that significant renovations be made –  not just for us, but for our children and our children’s children.  It is important that we do this to continue Temple B’nai Jeshurun’s legacy in the Jewish community anf beyond.

Project Priorities: – All will improve accessibility, functionality and flexibility of the Temple’s spaces.

  • Mannheimer Wing – renovating the Mannheimer Wing to provide na new chapel, library, youth lounge, choir practice room, gift shop, meeting and study spaces and new administrative offices.  Included in these plans will be state-of-the-art communications technology, security, energy efficiency systems and new interior finishes.
  • Overall Accessibility –  to ensure a “welcoming place” for all members regardless of age or physical ability.  This will include creating more accessible parking spaces, creating a new entrance off the north parking area, constructing a canopy over the entrance to protect from inclement weather, installing a mechanical door and new elevator, enlarging and reconfiguring restrooms to meet accessibility guidelines and upgrading building security. 
  • Sanctuary & Chapel – to enhance the worship experience for all who come to Temple B’nai Jeshurun.  This will include creating a new chapel in the Mannheimer Wing and creating accessible, confortable and flexible spaces in the Sanctuary and renovating hallway and children/family room off the Sanctuary.
  • Social Hall – to expand opportunities for events and community engagement.  This will include reconfiguration of the overall space, repurposing current offices into an enllarged coat closet and storage area, replacing & repairing kitchen equipment and upgrading the sound system so that the Social Hall can be both flexible and efficient for a variety of functions.

Phasing of the Project:

The overall project is large and has many components.  The project has been broken down into phases.  The first phase has been funded focusing on the Mannheimer Wing, relocation of the chapel, renovation of restrooms, constructing of the new entrance off the north parking area, installing an elevator, and conversion of previously used classroom space to Temple offices.  Future phases will be undertaken as sufficient fundraising is completed.